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Survey Types
We can save you time and money in creating, conducting, and analyzing surveys
We offer a very flexible and tailored survey design approach that will fit the varied needs of the Educational, Customer Relationship Management, (CRM), HR, Sales/Marketing and Supply Chain markets.
We offer an easy to use and survey friendly method of conducting surveys.
We place high emphasis upon security and privacy to protect both the survey designer and survey participant.
iNetSurvey is a web-based service specializing in providing applications for surveys. iNetSurvey enables the user to create, conduct, and analyze surveys using the Internet. Neither the creator of the survey nor the respondents require any application to be installed on their systems. The survey and the respondent data are stored at iNetSurvey's data center, thus eliminating the need for application or storage management associated with managing and maintaining software or the data repository.

iNetSurvey's core technology allows for user creation of form-based surveys, data collections, and statistical analysis using the industry standard cgi protocol. The current product offerings include Regular, Restricted, and Managed surveys.
iNetSurvey offers flexible tools to build surveys. Users can choose from one of many provided templates or they can build custom surveys from scratch. iNetSurvey offers a variety of formatting options allowing users to customize colors, fonts, backgrounds, and layout. Each survey consists of two components: survey properties and survey body.

Properties include formatting options, a header allowing users to describe the purpose of the survey, a footer allowing users to conclude the survey, and a return URL, the location where the respondent is transferred to upon completion of the survey.

The survey body consists of the questions of the users interest. iNetSurvey offers both qualitative, quantitative type questions and Likerd scales. The user also has the option of using single choice or multiple choice question formats. A variety of layout options are also offered. Advanced users can include HTML tags for additional customization if desired.

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Upon completion of building the survey, the user is mailed the survey URL and the location of where the user's survey resides. Users have a choice of either e-mailing this URL or posting this on their web pages. Optionally, users have the choice of defining mailing lists within iNetSurvey and scheduling e-mails. Once the respondent clicks on the link, the respondent is presented the survey form. Upon completion of the survey, iNetSurvey gathers the respondent data and redirects the respondents browser to the return URL.

Users can select survey duration through the use of start/end dates. Users have the option of conducting secure and non-secure surveys. Users can also create closed ended surveys through the use of access codes or passwords.

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iNetSurvey offers a variety of tools to analyze survey results in real-time. Analysis include tabulations, cross-tabulations, and view open ended questions (for qualitative type questions). The results are presented with cumulative data, raw scores, and adjusted scores with a choice of charts (pie, bar, slider). iNetSurvey also allows the ability to view raw data using the selective question display and survey expand. Users have the option to download the raw data in a variety of formats. Downloaded data is available either as comma separated or tab separated format that can be easily exported to a choice of databases for additional analysis.

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