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iNetSurvey is a web based service that provides the necessary tools to create, conduct, and analyze surveys over the Internet quickly and efficiently. Based on our proprietary software technology, we have produced product versions to meet the diverse survey needs of both small and large corporations as well as individuals.
Create surveys for market research, customer satisfaction, buying habits, attitudes, and more.
Link your survey into your existing web page.
Tailor the survey to match the looks of your web page.
Conduct comprehensive surveys via the Internet and email.
Thorough analysis of data.
Download raw data.
Paul Landrum
MIS Manager, New Mexico Commission on Higher Education:

"Finding iNetSurvey on the WEB was like discovering gold. They offer a good product that is robust and easy to use. In addition the customer support is outstanding, even for non-paying users."

Caryn Rainey
Training Director for a Michigan-based publisher of the popular discount coupon activity books:

"iNetSurvey's tool gave me so much flexibility in crunching the data and slicing it and dicing it in different ways, I could get very specific information quickly and easily."

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